Non-Therapeutic Straight Chiropractic Institute

Non-Therapeutic Straight Chiropractic Institute

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Interactive Lessons
The NTSC Institute serves as your personal guide as you experience immersive virtual training modules.
Web-Based System
Accessible anytime and on any device, training can be completed from home or at the office.
Learn at Your Pace
Repeat and review key courses and exercises as users advance through the training to ensure comprehension.
All Browsers
Access your training anytime on any web-enabled desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device to match your on-the-go lifestyle.
A Program That Every Chiropractor Needs
Gain the knowledge and skill set to build the practice of your dreams.
NTSC Institute
Empowering Chiropractors With Knowledge
Philosophy of Non Therapeutic Chiropractic
Complete Breakdown Of Your Consultation
Selling and Influencing
Understanding the Close
Closing Strategies
Communication and Rapport
Powerful Words and Language Patterns
New Practice Strategy
Marketing and Advertising
Creating Success Immediately
Motivation and Inspiration
NTSC Institute Pricing Plans
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Dr. Mark J. Romano D.C.

Dr. Mark Romano D.C. NTSC InstructorDr. Mark J Romano DC has been in private practice in since 1993. Like so many chiropractors, he was and remains dedicated to excellence and motivated by the passion of empowering the world through the habit of chiropractic. Dr. Mark saw the struggles of chiropractors throughout history and today. He experienced the adversity of reaching people, influencing and sincerely serving them. This Institute was born from that passion. Dr. Mark studied chiropractic, sales and influence for decades from top people in every field. He created this program for chiropractors because of his sincere desire to help every chiropractor succeed to the level of excellence they were created for. Every human needs the habit of chiropractic and every chiropractor needs this skill set to reach them. This is the driving force behind Dr. Mark and NTSC Institute.

Along with this incredible institute, Dr. Mark writes and speaks throughout the world. He also continues to practice in his 3 offices in North Mississippi. The love for his community and his profession grows through his commitment to excellence.  The NTSC Institute is fulfilling his vision of giving every chiropractor on the planet the skills they need for amazing success

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