The Non-Therapeutic Straight Chiropractic Institute

Dr. RomanoAre you a student in chiropractic college preparing yourself to change the world?

Are you a chiropractor in practice and you want to succeed on extraordinary levels without compromising your principles or values?

My friends, this is the program to teach you what you were never taught in school.

The NTSC Institute will give you step by step structure to communicate, sell, and close people in your community on the habit of non therapeutic chiropractic. Each and every person alive today benefits when they make chiropractic a habit.

Prepare to have more confidence as you convey the message and more success on closing more and more people on a better quality of life through the correction of vertebral subluxations. This 24 hour 7 day a week Institute is dedicated to your success. Check out our free module and enroll today.

Today begins your greatest years in practice!!

The NTSC Institute has dramatically improved my effectiveness at selling, closing, and sharing the powerful message of chiropractic. I have seen massive objective and measurable increases in my income and success. Most importantly, I have helped many new people to add the powerful habit of chiropractic to their lives.

-Dr Blythe Peebles


The information is amazing and the short videos are perfect for my busy schedule!!!!

-Dr Stamatis Tsamoutalidis DC


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